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Feeling Poorly? Follow Our Tips and Tricks To Get Back Your Glow!

Feeling Poorly? Follow Our Tips and Tricks To Get Back Your Glow!

Treatment: First things first... Begin with a wake-up call that works a treat and will comfsort your skin. Your skin's tight, it stings and looks ruddy. Step number one is a splash of cold water. Okay, not the most pleasant of sensations, but the best way to revive your skin and get a glowing complexion. Apply a serum 10 minutes before your day cream. Bursting with active ingredients, it'll repair your skin and protect it from the elements. Follow with a hydrating day cream and make sure you drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. Water and fruit/herbal teas will rehydrate and decongest your body as a whole. Finish off by boosting your circulation: gently pinch your cheekbones for an instantly rosy glow. How to get glowing skin in a flash. Cover up any ruddy patches (nose, cheekbones, chin) with a green colour-correcting concealer - the best anti-blotch tone there is! Go for a fluid version as it'll nourish your skin, be easier to apply and won't further irritate your epidermis. Don't bother with foundation - it'll only rub off with all the nose blowing. Opt instead for a dab of pink blusher on your cheeks.

Our eyes often bear the first tell-tale signs of illness and this further dulls our complexion. Puffy, red, heavy bags... Don't worry there are plenty of ways to retrieve your wide-eyed Manga look! Reduce puffiness by placing a slice of cucumber on your eyes and leave for 10 minutes. These will soothe and decongest this fragile part of the face. If you don't want to leg it to the shops, you can always use the back of teaspoons that have cooled in the fridge for a while. If your eyes are bloodshot or sore, a few drops of an over-the-counter treatment will do the trick. Camouflage & For a fresh-faced look apply a concealer that contains blurring agents, as these will mask unsightly bags. Dab a small amount on your bags and eyelids and gently blend it in with your finger Apply a matt eyeshadow, as this will set better than an iridescent one. Opt for beige, brown or grey tones: avoid pinks and corals at all cost - they'll just make your eyes look like a road map!

Treatment; Constantly blowing a snotty nose has taken its toll. Red, irritated, painful... It's often our nose that bears the brunt of a stinking cold. What not to do: moisturise it with your usual day cream. Why? Because moisturisers aren't designed to treat irritated skin and it will sting like hell! Dig out your Vaseline - it's a nourishing balm that will prevent water from evaporating. It will instantly soothe and repair your skin, whilst leaving a protective layer. The only (very slight) downside, is that you'll to reapply it and yes, we know, a greasy pecker isn't the best of looks. Don't use any scrubs, which will further irritate your skin, or face masks, which may well sting. A green colour-corrector followed by a concealer will cover up red patches and a mattifying powder will deal with any shine. Bear in mind that every time you give your nose a good blow, you may have to start over.

You've spent days breathing through your mouth because your nose is bunged up and now you've got chapped lips. Best way to soothe and repair them is with a moisturising lip balm. Formulae rich in cocoa butter, beeswax, aloe vera or vitamin E, will soothe, soften and repair your lips. Apply your lip balm as often as needed - the idea is to prevent your lips from drying out. Applying your usual lippy won't do your lips any favours. Opt instead for a light pink gloss, which will add a kissable shine. Its creamy formula will nourish your lips and give you a gorgeous pout! And leave you with a lovely, glowing complexion.

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