Skin Care Treat Your Face To A Revolumising Massage

Treat your face to a revolumising massage

Anti-ageing revolumising massages have been around for years. Massaging and stimulating the epidermis helps to keep us looking younger for longer. The winning combo? Add a revolumising treatment to stop sagging in its tracks! So time to prep your fingers... An evening massage after cleansing works a treat. Here's our step by step guide on facial massage technique and how to add volume and define your facial contours.

- Using a night cream that contains hyaluronic acid, pop a dollop on each hand and smooth it across your cheekbones.

- Using your fingertips, continue to spread it across the rest of your face.

- Place your fingertips on either side of your forehead and lightly press your skin with your thumbs and index fingers.

- Follow by smoothing down towards your eyelids. - Repeat the above to massage any frown lines.

- Use the circulation-boosting Jacquet pinching technique to gently revive your cheeks and cheekbones, tear troughs and any bags under your eyes.

- Place your hands on either side of your nose and, using your index fingers, smooth out across your cheekbones.

- Follow by smoothing up towards your temples.

- Place your thumbs in front of each ear, bend your index fingers and use them to apply pressure to the middle of your chin.

- Smooth your index fingers out towards your ears. Working from the inside out, finish your revolumising massage by using the side of your fists to smooth your cream over the rest of your face. And whenever you've got a few minutes to spare, repeat this massage before applying your cream. Your skin cells will be ready to soak up all of its goodness.