Time To Get Summer Ready Gorgeous Legs Hero

Skin Care Time to Get Summer-ready Gorgeous Legs!

What could be better than a product designed to both tan our legs and Photoshop blemishes? A treatment that helps zap cellulite and bumpy, orange peeling skin while minimising thread veins. Now, there’s no need to wait for summer to get your legs beautifully bronzed...just do what celebs do and follow these two easy-as-pie tricks:

BB Cream: Legs are just as good a canvas as our faces and such these tinted BB creams leave them with a uniform and natural caramel colour. Thanks to their colour-correcting formulae, they also improve the skin tone and minimise the appearance of thread veins and blotchy patches. Also, they don't stain your clothes, are unperfumed, really easy-to-apply, last all day, and can be rinsed off in a flash.

The L'Oréal Paris True Match BB La Crème is the first-of-its-kind hyaluronic BB cream that moisturises and rejuvenates your skin and provides 24-hour hydration and nourishment to give you a healthy, youthful skin. It is enriched with collagen that repairs and rebuilds the structure of the skin to make it healthier. You can wear to look perfect at your beach party.

Self-tan serums: Have you wondered how Victoria's Secrets’ Angels get catwalk-ready pins? Due to their soft, light texture, serums are soaked up in an instant. They leave your legs with a velvety finish that is ready to match your favourite thigh-baring dress. These serums gradually develop from the second application onwards, which means you can control the depth of your tan from the start.

In other words, they're great for Tango-phobics who've always wanted to try a fake tan.

The golden rule…

Whether you're planning to use a BB cream or a self-tan serum, you'll need to scrub your legs the day before (non-negotiable!). Start with your feet, while paying extra attention to your ankles, and work your way up to your thighs. Scrubbing gets rid of dead skin cells to give you a uniform tan.

As the mercury mounts, our legs can begin to feel heavy. Hot weather, killer heels, standing for hours at a time call for you to give your legs a break.

The ‘cold shower’ technique: The best way to revive heavy legs and tone up the skin is to round off your morning shower by alternately blasting your legs with hot and cold water and finishing with the latter.

Drink at least 3-4L of water per day: Another well-known classic; water helps liquefy the blood and prevents it from stagnating in our veins – one of the culprits behind heavy leg syndrome.

Lighten your legs: Massage your legs with a body lotion every evening. If your legs need an instant pick-me-up, then spritz them with cool water. It'll boost your circulation and leave your limbs feeling feather-light.