Speedy Beauty Routine For Perfect Skin Hero

Skin Care The Perfect Post Workout Beauty Routine

It goes without saying that the first thing we want to do after a sweaty session is to jump in a shower. It helps to lower our body temperature and slow down our heartbeat. Make sure it's not steaming hot, as it could damage the sebum that forms a protective film on our skin. It's also wise to avoid classic soaps as they can harm the epidermis. Opt instead for a nourishing shower oil. And don't forget to use a deodorant before you get dressed! When we exercise, we sweat out not only toxins but also lots of water. This can leave our skin feeling dry and tight. We know that we need to drink lots of water after a workout, but our skin also needs a good dose. This is because well moisturised skin is not only healthier but also better protects us from the elements! Opt for a rich, creamy hydrating body lotion or dry oil to boost your skin's hydrolipidic film and a lighter moisturiser for your face.

Showers don't always stop us from sweating buckets - sometimes our body temperature takes a while to lower after a workout. We can still look bright red for up to an hour. So dig out your mattifying wipes to suck up any sebum and remove excess shine. Follow by applying a BB cream. Being a skincare meets make up product, it'll moisturise your skin, even out its tone and brighten your complexion in a flash.

No need to pile it on after a workout... The idea is to keep make up to a minimum, so that you don't suffocate your skin or find that your make up won't set because you've not followed the above! A coat of mascara and a touch of dry shampoo on your roots will leave you looking fresh and flawless!