The Multimasking Trend the New Beauty Craze

In our quest for beautiful skin, the mask comes out tops in our beauty regimes : makeup removal, hydration, nourishing treatments ; there is nothing better than applying a mask to perfect the zero-blemish routine. It's a moment of relaxation for your skin ; and for you ; and the deep treatment really targets problem areas and optimises the effect of serums and night creams.

If you've got beauty smarts, you've been choosing a mask based on the needs of your skin: a clay-based purifying mask for oily skin, nourishing for dry skin, smoothing for mature skin, gentle for sensitive skin. And you've probably been applying two different masks to treat different problem areas. But with multimasking, you use different treatments for different zones on the face simultaneously. It's a small revolution in the facial beauty regime!

Gone are the days when we had to sit in a locked bathroom for an hour, conscientiously applying two masks, one after the other. Now, you can apply different masks at the same time for a completely personalised skincare treatment that even dermatologists approve of. Already we're thinking about all the important stuff we could get done with the time we save. Like catching up with our Netflix viewing, and stalking Harry Styles on Instagram. Plus, this time-saving method also means skin no longer has to struggle to absorb lots of ingredients in just a few minutes ; meaning they have a better chance to work.

So think about what blend of treatments you want, according to what your skin needs. Want to cleanse, add radiance and prevent signs of ageing, all at the same time ? Go for it: choose a mattifying mask for the nose and the T-zone if the skin has a tendency to shine, apply a hydrating mask on the cheeks to promote suppleness and softness, and use a lifting and anti-ageing mask on the forehead to smooth and reduce the signs of ageing. Just don't get them mixed up in your rush to get back to the sofa.