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Skin Care The Modelling Mask, The Latest Korean Skin Care Buzz

The Modelling Mask The Latest Korean Skin Care Buzz

Going by the name of modelling mask, rubber mask and rubbing mask, this latest generation of face masks have a texture that resembles rubber. Modelling masks come in powder form and need to be mixed with water. You'll end up with a jelly-like paste that you can then apply to your face. Rich in kelp extracts, the jellified texture clings perfectly to facial contours.

As with most masks, the modelling mask is designed to hydrate the epidermis and leave you with clear, glowing skin. What makes them exceptional is their ability to unleash the beauty-boosting active ingredients contained in their formulae.

This is because they form a 'second skin' that doesn't dry out. They create a barrier that harnesses their active ingredients and prevents them from evaporating to maximise their moisturising action. The masks are peeled off, which means they strip skin of dead cells and boostcell regeneration.

It's as easy a pie and depends upon the amount of water you add to the powder. Follow the instructions, but, in general, it's best to use as little water as possible. Once ready, slather on a thick layer, avoiding the eye contour and eye brows - otherwise it'll hurt when you peel it off! Let it work its magic and then gently peel off. Handy tip: if you put a slightly thicker layer around the edges, it'll be easier to grasp and peel. And that's all it takes! In a matter of minutes you'll be left with baby soft, glowing skin!