Skin Care The Latest Beauty Craze? Magnet Masks!

The Latest Beauty Craze Magnet Masks

Black face masks are all the rage. But charcoal masks have given way to a new beauty-boosting contender - the magnet mask! Sceptical? Drawing on the healing powers of magnets, this latest buzz seems convincing, or has at least spiked our curiosity.

These fun-meets-innovative magnet masks are packed with the some amazing skin-loving active ingredients, for example -

• Peptides - For instantly firming and plumping the skin. Peptide power is proven to be antioxidant, regenerative, firming, smoothing, and anti-inflammatory. Their age-busting action also is well-documented.

• Black tourmaline - This energising mineral recharges our skin and gives it a healthy glow.

As with all magnets, the idea is to 'attract' toxins and free radicals (pollution, stress, dirt, etc.) that cause our skin to prematurely age, from our skin. Magnet masks also leave behind a light and hydrating film. It may sound whacky, but magnets are at the core of these innovative masks. They work by using a magnet to peel off the mask. The magic ingredient? Powdered iron. The powdered iron in the mask creates an electromagnetic field that interacts with our skin. The magnet captures all impurities, without touching, damaging or irritating skin. Added extras? There's no need to rinse these masks off with harsh tap water and their magnetic pull both unclogs pores and reduces puffiness.

It's actually logical - magnets have been scientifically proven to treat various conditions. Ancient Egyptians and Indians swore by their healing powers. And nowadays, magnetic treatments are routinely used on more than 5 million patients in the USA.

To apply, scoop up a small blob and, using a spatula, smooth the paste over your face. Don’t apply a thick layer as it will be difficult to peel off. Leave it to work for 10 to 15 minutes. To remove, run the magnet (wrapped in a tissue or cling-film to preserve it and keep it clean) across your face, peeling the mask off in the process. Once done, your skin will be left with a light, oily film that should be massaged in to boost your circulation and leave your complexion matte and beautifully moisturised. Use a magnetic face mask once or twice a week at most to enjoy its benefits.