The battle against frown lines

Whether you can easily spot them or not (if you want to see them, just frown), these particular wrinkles always seem to be a bit of a pain. Not only because they're slap bang in the middle of our face, but also because they have a tendency to make us look all hard and serious, not at all cheerful, and even anxious. Frown lines can crop up either horizontally or vertically on your forehead. For those of us who are particularly expressive, this slackening in your skin can start to emerge from as early as 35. Just like the fine lines that make up crow's feet, these wrinkles in your forehead are brought about by various facial expressions which, over time, cause contractions in the skin, eventually forming the wrinkle. The more you frown, the more it will crease. This is obviously linked to the loss of elasticity and collagen, which is an unfortunate side effect of ageing.

"If you really want to get rid of one of the number 1 telltale signs of ageing, it's a good idea to invest in skincare (skincare that doesn't contain the botulinic toxins but gives the same effect). These facial skincare products can, amongst other things, strengthen the network of elastin fibres, increase collagen synthesis and encourage the production of hyaluronic acid; the perfect cocktail to give your skin a boost and restore it to its former glory. On top of all this, try to relax your face regularly by adopting smoothing facial gymnastic exercises as you apply the cream.