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Skin Care Summer's Here and I Need to Hydrate My Body and Skin

Summers Here and I Need to Hydrate My Body and Skin

As the mercury rises, so does our body temperature. The body's natural defense is one we know well: sweating buckets. Sweating removes heat from the body so that it can internally regulate its temperature.

So your number one rule in hot weather is to keep up your fluid intake to compensate for the loss of water internally. No matter what age you are, 3-4 litres of water a day is recommended. Hot drinks are also fine, but replace diuretics such as coffee and tea with herbal or fruit teas. And remember, fruit juices and soft drinks have high water content but often contain unhealthy amounts of sugar.

Along with internal hydration, we need to hydrate externally too. During summer, we're more exposed to damaging factors than in winter and extra care is needed when it comes to our skin. Whether its sea salt, chlorinated pools, UV rays, or pollution, our skin is constantly under attack. So whatever treatment you apply in the morning, whether a moisturiser, BB/DD cream, or a serum, make sure it contains sunscreen.

At night, don't overnourish the skin by using a rich serum or night cream as it's best to let the epidermis rehydrate itself naturally. Revitalising and regenerating face masks, however, work like a charm, particularly towards the end of summer. They help the skin retain moisture and prolong your tan too.

Pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it to death after a bath or shower. It's gentler on the skin and will help retain moisture so that creams are better absorbed. Follow with a moisturising body lotion, milk, oil, or balm. Make sure you cover the legs, arms, back, tummy, chest, and buttocks and don't miss an inch.

The aim: to plump up and protect the skin's hydrolipidic layer. And don't forget your after-sun cream, which will repair sun-scorched skin and calm any signs of sunburn.

The L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Night Mask-In Jelly provides your skin with fresh, watery hydration with 50x antioxidant power. It immediately quenches the skin’s thirst to make it smooth and supple. Day after day, the skin keeps optimal hydration level and feels looks more radiant.

Its jelly texture wraps around the skin like an invisible mask and continuously delivers actives for mask-level efficacy.

Use every evening on a cleansed face and neck after toner and essence. Apply after Softening Spa Water or Mask-In Lotion for intense hydration at night.