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Skin Care Solid cosmetics: what's the deal?

Solid cosmetics whats the deal

Solid cosmetics? Sounds weird right? But you have probably been using a few solid cosmetics and skincare products already without even realizing. Here are some more examples of solid cosmetics and all of its benefits.

When we talk about solid, as opposed to liquid, cosmetics, it's obviously soap that springs to mind. It's the most common form, although 3 in 1 soaps that clean our bodies, faces and hair do exist. Solid shampoos were the first to hit the shelves. They're cold-pressed (like soap) and are applied by lathering them onto damp hair before rinsing off.

Then came solid deodorants, which need running under hot water before being rubbed onto armpits. These were followed by solid toothpastes - you just need to rub your toothbrush across their surface, solid moisturisers that can be smoothed onto skin, solid cleansers that turn to oil and clean skin or blend in makeup and, finally, solid conditioners that turn into a frothy cream when warmed up in wet hands.

Here are some reasons why you should switch to solid cosmetics -

1. Because they're ecologically sound - Less packaging = less waste = happy planet!

2. Because they're natural - Being solid they don't degrade as quickly as water-based products. Which means they don't need as many preservatives or superfluous ingredients. Not all solid cosmetics are 100% natural, but in the case of soaps and shampoos, the fact that they're made using a cold-pressed saponification process means that their basic ingredients are preserved.

3. Because they save money - A small shampoo bar will last for 80 - 100 washes (equivalent to roughly 3 bottles) and the same goes for toothpaste (equivalent to 2 tubes) and deodorant (equivalent to 2 roll-ons).

4. Because they're practical - Whether travelling by train or plane, they hardly take up any space and they won't burst and leak all over your toilet bag! Even if you're not on the road, they'll take up less space in your bathroom!

They may be compact but they lack a certain sense of comfort. During winter, for example, we lust after pampering products, with summery scents and fondant textures that take our minds off the gloomy weather. It's true that their minimal packaging is great for the environment, but certain precautions are still needed. They must be kept in an ambient temperature: they contain fatty substances, so if it's too hot or humid they'll simply melt. What's more, before you pack them away, they need to be completely dry. Which can be annoyingly time-consuming!

Like every skincare or beauty product, solid cosmetics too have their own set of pros and cons. But once you get used to the idea of solid cosmetics and see how it benefits not just you but also the environment, you won’t think twice before making the switch.