UV Perfect Aqua Essence Face Mist - UV Protect Face Mist

UV Perfect Aqua Essence Face Mist

The 1st advanced City Face Mist from L'Oreal Paris in a refreshing flash dry watery texture.

UV Perfect Aqua Essence Face Mist

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  • Product Benefits
  • Skin is protected against signs of photo-aging : brown spots, darkening, loss of elasticity, wrinkles and external stress. Day after day, skin stays visibly fair and young.
    Application Use UV Perfect Aqua Essence Face Mist any time of the day. Shake well until you hear the ball before use. Hold 15cm away from face and spray evenly and liberally onto face but don’t spray more than 3 seconds at the same place. Close and protect the eyes and the mouth during application. This is can be used on top of make-up as well.

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • It provides a broader protection from UVB, UVA and harmful long UVA that cause visible damages like darkening, brown spots and premature aging.
    It has an Invisible Triple Shield:
    Anti- UV Shield: Advanced Mexoryl™ Filters
    Anti-Pollution Shield: Powerful Detoxyl
    Anti-Oxidant Shield: Anti-Oxidant Vitamin E


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