Skin Care Skin Care Trends: We are Melting for Transforming Texture Skin Care

Skin Care Trends We are Melting for Transforming Texture Skin Care

This is the in-vogue makeup remover texture at the moment. It is an oil to be applied all over the face and massaged in to sweep up all impurities (makeup, sebum, pollution). In contact with water during rinsing, it transforms into milk. This extremely pleasant-to-use product is less irritating than traditional makeup remover and cotton wool and leaves the skin clean and soft.

This is more than just a cream: it is a mask-cream with a thick texture that is applied in the evening before bed, then acts throughout the night. This skin care product often aims to moisturise the skin deeply and provide it with all the nutrients necessary for cell renewal. It can be a great addition to your anti aging, moisturising, detox or radiance skin care routine.

This texture is often used for concentrated products such as serums. It consists of a gel, which sometimes can look like honey, and transforms into oil when in contact with the skin as you rub it into your face. It transforms as it heats up. The sensory aspect of this texture brings great comfort and pleasure to your daily skin care routine. You will love adopting this beauty ritual.

This new skin care trend from Korea is actually an ultra-light tinted cream in the form of a "cushion" sponge, which is then enclosed in a small compact that you can take anywhere for retouches any time you need it. To apply it, just dab the sponge lightly on your face to correct imperfections or uneven skin tone. It is packed full of tinted product and moisturising active ingredients: a kind of BB cream 2.0, which might just overtake its older brother.