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Skin Care Should I apply a BB cream if I'm going out in the sun?

Should I apply a BB cream if Im going out in the sun

Tinted BB creams are a beauty life-saver. They help you even out your complexion while giving a natural-looking coverage. They give us a healthy glow in winter, but what about summertime? Can you continue using your BB cream when the sun is shining? Read on to find out!

A good BB cream usually also contain a sunscreen - usually an SPF 15 to 20, so as to offer some protection from the sun. This is enough for winter or on cloudy and overcast days when the sun rays aren’t as strong. They are a wonder product when it comes to healthy and natural-looking dewy skin. But standard BB creams don't provide enough protection if you're planning to sunbathe or spend your days outdoors during summertime, they're not designed for prolonged exposure.

So what if you are planning to soak up the sun? If you can't bear to leave your BB cream at home, you can always pack a summertime formula. Why? They have concentrated pigments and an SPF of 30 to 50 for an instantly bronzed glow. The trick is to choose one that suits your skin by testing it on the back of your hand. If you can still see your skin, then you've picked the right tone.

Another option is to use a tinted sunscreen instead so you don’t have to layer on another complexion product on top. If you are looking for a lightweight sunscreen that not only shields you from the harmful rays of the sun but also provides some colour to your skin and gives you a light coverage, try the UV Perfect Even Complexion by L’Oréal Paris. The UV Perfect Even Complexion provides broad spectrum coverage from the sun and the advanced apricot pigments fuse perfectly to beautify skin, leaving skin more even and radiant!

You can enhance your sunscreen-meets-BB-cream by applying a touch of bronzing powder to your cheekbones. As for eye makeup, a coppery eye shadow and a coat of black mascara will do the trick. And there you go, a simple, natural look for the summer with extra sun protection!