Skin Care Pro-Xylane, The Superstar Molecule That Boosts Collagen Production

Pro-xylane is an active ingredient that is taking the skincare industry by storm. But what exactly is this magical ingredient and how does it help the skin? Here's a closer look at this age-busting, collagen-loving ingredient.

1. Pro-Xylane: 7 years in the making

It all started in L’Oréal’s Research and Development labs in Chevilly-Larue, France. Fine-tuned in 2006, Pro-Xylane was the first environmentally friendly, natural active ingredient to emerge from a 'green chemistry' manufacturing process. It's an active ingredient that took 7 years of research before being patented and becoming a star ingredient in L’Oréal’s Revitalift Laser X3 range (3% dose). But before we added it to our anti-ageing products, Pro-Xylane was tested in vitro on reconstructed skin and then subjected to numerous clinical studies.

2. The anti-ageing properties of pro-xylane

During the testing process, this innovative active ingredient proved to work wonders on wrinkles as well as dry and sagging skin. Both in vitro and in vivo (biopsy) tests showed that it improved skin quality by 17%. Which is why Revitalift Laser X3 treatments can alter our skin's architecture in our fight against signs of ageing.

3. A green chemistry breakthrough

Pro-Xylane is the first active ingredient to be derived from a green chemistry process and remains a major player when it comes to L’Oréal Laboratories' cutting edge technology. Its origins stem from the synthesis of xylose, a natural sugar sourced from beech trees, hence its eco-friendly reputation.

So, what does 'green chemistry' involve?

Use of a renewable, primary raw material (beech wood)
Synthesis that's limited to a fixed number of steps (two in the case of Pro-Xylane) in order to reduce waste
Use of water as the solvant.

4. How can I start using Pro-Xylane in my skincare routine?

Now that you know the benefits of this skin-loving ingredient, it is time to incorporate it in your daily skincare regime. The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Power Water is a great way to start using Pro-Xylane every day. The unique formulation of this Power Water is enriched with powerful active ingredients to give an instant boost to your skin, leaving it smoother & more tender. Use the Power Water daily on cleansed face before essences and moisturizers for a dramatic skin transformation over time.