Skin Care Perfect Skin Quest - How To Choose The Right Day Cream?

Perfect Skin Quest - How To Choose The Right Day Cream

Perfect Skin Quest how to choose the right day cream

Day creams protect our epidermis! The moisturise our skin after we've washed or cleansed. Cleansers (be it soaps, gels or mousses) not only remove grime but also our face's protective hydrolipidic film. So we need a cream to hydrate, nourish and protect our skin, whilst leaving it comfortably soft. Day creams can deal with blemishes such a red patches, reduce shine, smooth wrinkles, calm dry patches and also prepare skin to soak up other products we apply.

There's an art to choosing a day cream. We need to consider our lifestyle, our state of health as well as the environment in which we live and work - all of these dictate what our skin needs. - If you have dry skin that's tight or flaky during winter, go for an ultra-moisturising and nourishing cream to make up for your skin's lack of sebum. Apply creamy textures that quickly penetrate skin without leaving behind a greasy film. - For normal and combination skin (shiny T-zone, normal elsewhere), apply a mattifying moisturiser. Choose a light, fluid cream that won't suffocate your skin. - Oily skin (shiny all over) also needs moisturising! Opt for a day cream that will nourish, balance out sebum production and mattify your complexion. Stick to light textures so that you don't overload your skin. - Sensitive skin (red patches, irritations, allergic) needs a gentle touch, so choose hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic creams that won't provoke flare-ups.

Choosing a day cream is not just about skin types - they also need to be a pleasure to apply! Treat yourself to textures that you like - the idea is to pamper your skin and enjoy a little 'me time'! Sometimes, however, we may be drawn to products that don't actually suit our skin's needs. So, listen to your epidermis - when it's feeling blue, it'll cry out for help! Does it crave light, fluid textures, will only comforting balms do, or does it prefer refreshing gel moisturisers...