Ouch! Winter Is Here and My Skin Is Cracking

Ouch Winter Is Here and My Skin Is Cracking

As your skin is already weakened by the cold, during the winter months pay close attention to the clothes that your wear. Some materials can cause irritated skin: stick to cotton (from your underwear to your t-shirt!) and, whatever you do, avoid synthetic materials which will make you sweat, as well as itchy wool (or you can put a cotton layer between your skin and the wool). Avoid tight jeans and shoes which will prevent the skin from breathing and create areas of friction.

To avoid dry skin, as a form of prevention, protect the skin's hydrolipidic film by avoiding soap-based washing products or those that are strongly scented, as they usually contain alcohol. We recommend using shower gels with a neutral pH that will wash your skin without irritating it and destroying our protective skin barrier.

For particularly irritated skin and hyper-sensitive skin, which is fragile and/or atopic, go for oil-based textures which, as well as being deeply hydrating, will leave a protective veil over the skin. These are especially recommended if the water in your shower is very hard.

Very dry skin can give the impression that you have crocodile skin: this is due to an accumulation of dead skin cells. For both the repair and hydration of the skin to be effective, you need to start by getting rid of these dead skin cells: make a fresh start! To do this use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week: take a fair amount of product and apply it to your skin, massaging in small circular motions, from your ankles right up to your neck and paying extra special attention to the rougher areas. Make sure not to scrub too hard otherwise you will irritate the skin; you don't want this routine to have the opposite effect of what you were aiming for!

After showering, choose a hydrating lotion, a very nourishing balm or a body butter. For during the day, opt for a dry oil as the fluid and non-greasy texture sinks into the skin quickly and means that you can get dressed straight away.

Chose an oil rich in active ingredients that are both hydrating and nourishing, such as argan or sweet almond. In the evening, you can afford to use a richer product that sticks a bit and is not absorbed immediately. Don't neglect your hands and feet as they also need a lot of hydration during the winter months. Result: Smooth, hydrated skin that's protected from the cold and damp.