Skin Care New beauty products for autumn

"- Products: I want a new, all-round beauty product to fight the signs of ageing. Something to reduce my wrinkles, tone up my skin and also work on a deeper level to repair and plump up my epidermis.

- Treatments: I want an anti-ageing treatment that will give me smooth, younger-looking skin, such as hyaluronic acid, the wrinkle-busting chemical naturally produced by our bodies.

- Trends: I want to try some facial yoga exercises at home or at a salon to tone and define my features, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."

"- Products: I want a new beauty product that will get rid of my blotchy skin and blemishes. I'm after a clay face mask that will absorb excess sebum, tighten my pores and zap any blackheads.

- Treatments: I want a facial scrub that will give me a flawless complexion. Its fine grains will get rid of dead cells that could suffocate and dull my skin. Nothing's better than a fun, weekly pampering

- Trends: I want a clear complexion, so I'm going to give double cleansing a shot; a deep cleansing routine that follows several steps to eliminate all impurities: make-up, pollution, grime, tobacco..

"- Products: I want a body moisturiser that will deeply nourish my skin, without leaving a greasy film. Dry oils are perfect, as their goodness is immediately absorbed.

- Treatments: I want baby-soft, smooth and silky skin. I'll give myself a top-to-toe massage with a dollop of moisturising and regenerative argan oil.

- Trends: I want well-moisturised, plump skin that's soft to the touch. Cleopatra knew her stuff - a dose of donkey's milk in my bath water and, a quick soak later, I'll step out looking regal!"