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Skin Care My Day Cream: Do I Need UV Protection?

My Day Cream Do I Need UV Protection

My day cream: do I need UV protection?

For a few years now, Asian countries and the USA have been putting solar filters into day cream. In Asia, women shun dark marks and tend to aim for white, porcelain complexion. Meanwhile, Americans take sun protection very seriously.

Even in the city, whether on a sunny or a cloudy day, our skin is vulnerable to UV damage. We must remember that UVB rays, those energetic ones that tan and burn our skin, and UVA rays, the solar rays that penetrate our skin more deeply, have a detrimental effect on the epidermis. This damage is even worse in the deeper dermis layer, where UVA rays break elastic fibres and harm cell DNA. UVA rays are especially dangerous as they are present all day long, all year round. We often forget that 50% of our annual dose of UVA comes from the non-summer period. This is why it is so important (if we want to prevent premature ageing and the appearance of dark spots, that is) to apply a day cream with SPF whose sun protection system is balanced in UVB and UVA filters as soon as the weather starts to get brighter.

However, not all women need drastic UV protection 365 days a year. For some, a clever compromise is the key to the best beauty routine. If you live somewhere with little sunshine, if you are not often exposed to the sun outside or through a window, if you wear make up every day... For any of these situations, the solution may be occasional sun protection that fits your skin type and the weather conditions. When should I apply my skin care with SPF?- In the spring, when you start to sit outside your favourite cafe with a coffee,- On the weekend or on a day off, when you start catching the sun on the end of your nose,- In the summer in the city every day, when the sun is here to stay.

To protect our skin from UV damage throughout the year, cosmetic labs have come up with products that combine UVA and UVB protection, skin care and cosmetics, for daily use. In our temperate climate, skin care with SPF 15/20 should do the trick. Don't worry: you will still have a nice glow when the sunshine arrives!