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Skin Care Moroccan Black Soap, My New BFF!

Moroccan Black Soap My New BFF

Moroccan black soap (aka beldi soap) is steeped in history. Invented about 3,000 years ago in Syria, it's an ancient product that is still used across the Maghreb region, Morocco in particular. It is used as a face/body/hair cleanser, and is the main ingredient in numerous household cleaning products in Africa, too (but we're not talking Fairy Liquid here). Its magic ingredient? Olive oil. The soap is made from a mixture of olive oil and crushed black olives, which are then marinated in salt and potash. It's sold as a soft, oily pulp available in pots or in liquid form.

Unlike classic soaps, which can be harsh, Moroccan black soap has a pH value close to that of our skin. Being 100% natural, it doesn't alter the skin's hydrolipidic layer and is suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive. It comforts the skin, gently cleansing, purifying and moisturising the epidermis, while also having a light, exfoliating action.

1. To purify the skin. Mixing the Moroccan black soap pulp with a little water creates a creamy texture that can be used to cleanse and purify. Non-comedogenic (acne-causing) and antibacterial, the soap cleanses the skin and rids pores of impurities without damaging the protective cutaneous layer.

2. As a body scrub. Even though it doesn't contain grains, Moroccan black soap has natural exfoliating properties. Using it as a scrub will remove the toxins and dead cells that suffocate the skin, as well as smooth rough, dry areas. To boost the exfoliating action of the soap, apply it to wet skin, leave for 10 minutes so it can react, then scrub your body using a mitt or glove in strong, circular movements.

3. To preserve a youthful look. Rich in vitamin E; a powerful antioxidant; Moroccan black soap protects cells from oxidation, the main cause of prematurely ageing skin. It also stimulates cell renewal, which keeps the skin looking visibly younger. Plus, its composition boosts the skin's moisture levels, deeply nourishing your complexion. It's practically perfect in every way!