Men Scrub

Constant contact with dust, dirt and pollution leads to clogging of pores. Clogged pores lead to excess sebum production, acne and rough skin. This is why deeply cleaning your pores is a very important step to achieve smooth and clear skin. A great way to deeply cleanse your skin is to scrub it. The tough skin of men needs a face scrub formulated by keeping their special needs in mind. With the powerful formulation of the L’Oréal Paris face scrub for men, you can achieve beautiful and cleansed skin.

Men’s face scrub has microbeads that deeply cleanse your pores. Charcoal in skincare is beneficial in removing the dirt and impurities of your skin. It sucks them out from your pores, which helps in the reduction of sebum control, lesser breakouts and helps detoxify your skin. A charcoal scrub also helps in unclogging each pore, one by one and removing oil, dirt, and other forms of impurities.

The other benefits of this face scrub also include that it helps remove dead cells from the skin's surface as well as deep within the pores. On your wet face, simply lather up this L’Oréal Paris face scrub and gently massage it using circular motions. Cleanse thoroughly to reveal smoother skin. This exfoliation scrub for men gently removes the gunk from your skin and reveals a new layer of soft, supple and skin that is super clean.