White Activ Cleanser

The layer of dead skin cells and impurities on your face takes away the glow and makes you look tired. The key to overcome these challenges is to cleanse your face with the L’Oréal Paris Men Expert White Activ range, which will help you achieve radiant and plump skin.

Enriched with charcoal, the L’Oréal Paris Men White Activ range acts like a magnet and washes off oil and dirt for fresh and clean skin. The L’Oréal Men face wash range also helps to fight pimples, reduces blackheads, and enhances your complexion. The presence of Salicylic acid in this mild face wash for men prevents the formation of breakouts by removing excess sebum and sweat. This range is formulated with anti-shine, anti-dullness and anti-spots properties that makes it one of the ideal face washes for oily skin and pimples. The Men Expert range includes specially curated facewashes for men that helps to mattify the skin without making you feel dry.

Explore through the range of L’Oréal Men face wash and pave way for healthy and younger-looking skin.