Is IAM for me?

Is IAM for me

IAM combines different disciplines; medical or otherwise;and draws on those that are the most effective: whether traditional or modern, oriental or western, it brings together complementary diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to put in place an efficient and comprehensive way of preventing issues linked to ageing. Aesthetic medicine, nutritherapy, yoga, tai-chi, homeopathy, acupuncture, beauty products…This is very much an ‘in and out' approach to anti ageing medicine: the practitioner will choose the best combinations to combat all the causes of ageing at the same time in accordance with each individual person, their environment, their lifestyle and their psychological state.

One of IAM's key strengths is its ability to identify the most effective elements of each medicine to optimise people's vitality, energy and appearance. As a result, it selects draining, hormonal and stimulating products from occidental medicine; anti-ageing skincare such anti-wrinkle skincare, anti-blemish skincare and serums from the world of beauty products; anti-ageing and revitalising products from herbal medicines; the management of stress and the way of life from ayurvedic and physical wellbeing medicine; and acupuncture, homeopathy, tai-chi and yoga from energy medicine. The common denominator of all these different medicines is their objective of restoring balance and the optimal functioning of the vital processes in our bodies to help reinforce its natural defences and keep it healthy as we grow older. This is a key characteristic of anti-ageing.

IAM works on the body's potential imbalances: tiredness, stress but also on the state of your skin. By practicing this method of anti ageing medicine, you will improve your general welfare, which will be noticeable both inside and out. But you need to be patient: you won't be able to see the results until after a few weeks, or even a few months, when the normal functioning of the body has been restored. The benefit? Once you have integrated it into your daily lifestyle, IAM will put the brakes on the whole anti-ageing process in the long run.