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Skin Care Iris, Our Skin's BFF!

Iris Our Skins BFF

Irises are part of the iridaceae family, which are plants with bulbs or rhizomes. Believe it or not, there are over 200 varieties of iris. Bet you didn't know that during Roman times it was used to spice up wine. Over time its use diversified: expectorant, diuretic... During the 17th Century, iris began to be used in cosmetics - as a hair powder, no less! Its scent is similar to that of violets, so it was used to perfume hair and wigs at time when shampoos weren't widely known or used.

This plant is able to store water in its roots - a useful benefit when it comes to beauty treatments. Its powerful rhizome extract helps stock and control water levels in the epidermis. Being juicy and packed with tannins and carbohydrates, iris soothes dry, sensitive skin. The effect is lasting - you can kiss goodbye to tight, sore skin!

Iris can regulate the production of seborrhea, which is great news for oily and combination skins that are constantly in a state of flux. Added plus: it also regulates sebum production on our scalps!

Iris improves skin density, combats wrinkles and slows down early signs of ageing. It preserves skin's tone and elasticity.

How? By boosting cell renewal, it alters the cycle whereby skin removes dead cells, a process that usually takes 21 days.

Result: smoother, firmer skin!