Skin Care How Often Should I Scrub To Keep My Gorgeous Tan?

Some of us believe that tans and body scrubs are not a sensible combination. Which means we skip this step, thinking that avoiding body scrubs will help us keep our tan for longer. BIG mistake! It's quite the opposite - scrubbing is the golden rule if you want to prolong your tan.

The idea that scrubs will remove a tan is a load of twaddle. Nothing could be further from the truth! By getting rid of dead cells that suffocate and dull skin, body scrubs leave us with a glowing, uniform colour. In other words, you'll look even more fabulous!

Scrubbing is good, but it's even better when done at the right time. No need to scrub every day - in fact this will only harm your skin. Your best bet is to scrub once a week if you have combination or oily skin and once every couple of weeks if you have dry skin. Whatever you do, don't scrub if you're suburned: wait until your skin has healed.

First and foremost, don't use the same scrub for your face and body. Body-wise go for a scrub that contains grains. For delicate, facial skin it's best to use a gentle treatment such as a scrub containing fruit enzymes. Final tip: Finish your 'I'm going to keep my tan forever' session by slathering on a moisturising lotion or oil. Trust us, you'll be parading your tan around town for quite a while!