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Skin Care Help, My Skin's Itching Me To Death!

Help My Skins Itching Me To Death

Itchy skin is a common problem. Most of time, no matter what age you are, itchy skin is pruritus - an unpleasant sensation but not an illness; it's harmless but drives us nuts. Unless you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema and your itchy skin only flares up from time to time, then it usually means your skin's too dry. And nothing more!

When skin becomes too dry, it feels tight and itchy, particularly on the arms, legs and back. Our skin's cutaneous barrier becomes damaged and can no longer protect the epidermis, which loses its soft, supple feel. Leading to tight, itchy skin. That we can't help but scratch! Which is the worst thing to do, as it will only make your skin feel more sore.

Cold, wind, sun and changes in temperature cause the epidermis to dehydrate, leading to itchy skin. Air-conditioning at home or work, stress and tap water can also wreak havoc.

Start by choosing nurturing skincare products that don't contain preservatives, colourings, sulphates or soap. When you step out of the bath or shower, pat your skin dry - avoid rubbing at all costs. And avoid face/body scrubs until your skin feels comfortable - scrubs will only further damage your fragile epidermis. Opt for daily skincare treatments that will deeply nourish your skin and fatten up its hydrolipidic layer. Remember to apply them morning and night, particularly during winter!