Help Me Get Rid Of My Turkey Neck Article

Skin Care Help Me Get Rid of My Turkey Neck

Our necks and cleavage are sensitive zones that we tend to ignore, but still have to bear the brunt of damaging, seasonal weather. During winter they're wrapped up in woollies that can leave our epidermis feeling itchy and sensitive. Plus they often redden due to drastic temperature changes. Their skin becomes fragile and marked. Our necks and cleavage lose tone and need a lifting helping hand. During summer, despite our best efforts, they're particularly vulnerable parts of the body. Bombarded by UV rays, our necks and cleavage begin to sag in to a crepey mess. And if we've passed the Big 40, we also need to deal with sun-induced age spots.

Easily-damaged neck and cleavage skin gets put through the mill and needs all the help it can get. Ever noticed when you treat yourself to a facial that your neck and cleavage get the beautician's pampering touch? Neglecting them is a BIG mistake! Our necks and cleavage brace the elements all year round, meaning they can quickly age and sag. You may see tale-tale signs in your thirties. Their fragile, thinner skin is easily damaged by UV rays and external factors. The results? Loss of firmness, blurred facial contours and, heaven forbid, a double chin.

Our often neglected necks and cleavage need extra care - their skin is finer and they have the added task of supporting our heavy heads. - To lift and firm, smoothe a moisturiser (preferably hyaluronic acid-based) over your neck and down to your collar bones. Go for treatments that contain lifting active ingredients to smooth away wrinkles and boost collagen production. - For a youthful neck, pump your skin with hydrating ingredients, adapted to the season. During winter go for a nourishing oil and in summer apply a moisturiser that contains a sunscreen to protect you from harmful rays. - To lift your neck skin, smooth your cream down your neck to drain away toxins and combat sagging. - Walk tall and work your posture. Keep your head at the centre of your shoulders, with your chin slightly tucked in. Hold your neck straight, as if it's being pulled up by a string. Keep your shoulders down for a graceful, swan-like posture.