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Skin Care Get Flawless Skin With a Facial Peeling Gel

Originating in Japan, this innovative Asian newcomer is as light and as fresh as water, with all the power that a serum has to offer. Time to give facial peeling gels a try! Asian women have mastered the art of layering, a beauty regime where six to eight products are progressively applied to the face. After cleansing in the evening, Asian women apply a peeling lotion to accelerate cell renewal overnight.

This peeling gel is the latest beauty buzz when it comes to our quest for a perfect complexion. What exactly does it do? In brief, it improves skin texture and brightens the complexion. This hybrid mix of water and gel provides the base for two chemical-peel active ingredients - 3% glycolic acid to smoothe the skin and boost renewal of the epidermis, alongside A-Hydroxyl to combat age spots. Its gentle chemical-peel action is much less abrasive than facial scrubs, for example, and it peels off dead skin cells without leaving red, irritated skin. So all you will end up with is visibly younger, brighter and smoother skin.

Denser than a cleansing water, more fluid than a serum, you should pat your facial peeling gel onto your face, neck and cleavage using your fingertips, making sure you avoid the eye contour area. Your skin will instantly feel smoother and your pores will be tightened. For nighttime facial peeling gels, there's no need to apply any other treatments - let it work its wonders overnight. You'll wake up with radiant, glowing skin!