Get Back Your Glowing Skin with the Right Beauty Routine

There's nothing more discouraging than waking up to a dull, pasty complexion. It is important to remember that dull skin has nothing to do with skin types - all of us can have sallow days! Then there are lifestyle factors - pollution, dehydration, stress, poor diet, UV rays, hormonal changes, the list goes on. While we can tackle all of these issues, a good first step is to follow a beauty routine specifically designed for your skin type.

Dry skin tends to look dull because the epidermis lacks lipids, causing its protective hydrolipidic film to crack. The solution? To repair the damage, leaving our skin comfy and radiant. Opt for a hydrating formula that can be applied after a hot shower or bath when your open pores will be able to absorb their goodness. The new L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence is a water-based formula that penetrates up to 10 skin layers to reveal bright, radiant, youthful-looking skin. The hydrating cream locks in moisture and helps plump up the skin. You could also treat yourself to an overnight face mask - it'll deeply nourish and repair your skin, so that you wake up to a fresh-faced complexion.

Sensitive skin can look blotchy, due to red patches caused by small blood vessels just under the surface of our skin. The solution? To soothe our thin, dehydrated epidermis. Cleanse with lotions or oils that can be massaged on with your fingertips - cotton pads can be a bit rough for sensitive skin. As for moisturisers, apply one designed for sensitive skin that contains active ingredients to calm inflammation and reduce blotches - treatments that contain iridescent particles or green pigments work a treat.

When oily skin looks dull it means that our uneven skin texture can't uniformly reflect light. What's more, if we try to camouflage our oily skin, we'll only end up suffocating it and making matters worse. The solution? Cleanse morning and night with micellar water, the gentlest cleanser of them all. Lightly massage it on, so that you don't irritate your skin's sebaceous glands. Use mild scrubs to smooth your skin and apply light moisturisers that won't leave your skin looking greasy. The Salicylic Acid in the Micro-Essence accelerates skin renewal and mildly exfoliates to refine pores and skin texture.

Dull skin is linked to a slowdown in cell renewal and a lack of collagen. Our skin no longer reflects light and loses its natural, dewy appearance. Caring for your skin according to its type is essential to maintain your skin’s health. So time to follow a beauty routine suited to your skin type and welcome back your healthy, peachy glow.