Skin Care Fancy An Oxygen Facial?

Fancy An Oxygen Facial

Skincare labs are continually on the hunt for new ways to slow down the clock and help us keep our dewy, youthful complexions. And the latest one is a breath of fresh air! Welcome to the world of oxygen facials. They're becoming increasingly popular, but how exactly do they help our skin?

When our skin lacks oxygen, it lacks vitality. It becomes dull, dehydrated and quickly ages. Age and lifestyle factors (pollution, stress, fatigue, rich diet) all reduce oxygen levels in our skin, making matters even worse. Which is where salon-based or shop-bought oxygen facials come in handy!

No need to hit a salon to benefit from an oxygen facial treatment. As the name suggests, oxygen facials pump our skin with air so that it can better breathe. They come in the form of moisturising treatments that contain oxygen-based serums. They work a treat and give an instant healthy glow. As with all facial treatments, they should be applied to clean skin using gentle circular movements to help them deeply penetrate and moisturise the epidermis.

Suffice to say customers are lining up... Salon-based treatments rely on more than just a face mask. They use a propulsion technique to pump skin with hyperbaric oxygen and a serum that contains active ingredients such as omega 3 and hyaluronic acid. A high-tech, age-busting, free radical-killing machine! The serum and tiny bubbles of oxygen deeply penetrate skin for maximum hydration. These facials also deal with other skin problems, including red patches and acne. Beauty salon oxygen facials start at around €50 and take about an hour.