Skin Care Fancy a pampering face mask this winter?

Fancy a pampering face mask this winter

Avocado is known for its nourishing properties. It's packed with proteins and vitamins A, B and E that hydrate, nourish andprotect our skin from the elements. When blended with banana for its trace elements and honey for its revitalising, nutritional benefits, this mask is perfect for dry or sensitive skin that needs mollycoddling at night, particularly during harsh, winter months. For your DIY face mask, you'll need:- 1/2 very ripe avocado- 1 banana- 1 tablespoon of honey Mash up the avocado and banana in a bowl. Mix in the honey until you get a creamy texture, apply to your face and leave for 10mins. Rinse it off. Result: nourished, soft, soothed skin.

Combination skincan be hard to treat, but it still needs loving care. As with dry skin, it needs moisturising. Honey is soothing and lemon is invigorating, thanks to its vitamin C content. When combined they will both moisturise and purify combination and oily skin.For your DIY face mask, you'll need:- 3 tablespoons of honey- 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice Cleanse your face before applying the mask. Mix the honey and lemon juice in a bowl. Apply and leave for twenty-odd minutes before rinsing. Result: glowing skin that's ready to poke its nose outdoors.

When our skin's dehydrated it feels burning and tight, particularly when we step out of a bath or shower. Whereas dry skin lacks lipids, dehydrated skin lacks water. But don't panic - dehydrated skin is not a skin type: it just means it's thirsty! Yoghurt contains lipids and lactic acid, both of which soften and hydrate skin. Aloe vera is soothing, healing and hydrating. These two ingredients are a winning combo for dehydrated, chapped skin!For your DIY face mask, you'll need:- 2 two heaped tablespoons of yoghurt- 1 tablespoon of agave syrup or honey- 1 teaspoon of organic aloe vera. Mix the yoghurt, agave syrup (or honey) and organic aloe vera in a bowl. Smoothe it over your face and leave for between 20mins and an hour maximum. Yes, an hour if you're skin's really dehydrated! Rinse it off and pat your face dry with a towel. Result: plump, soothed skin that's ready to face the cold. Testing for allergies If you want to test a mask, apply a small amount to the inside of your elbow or wrist, two areas where our skin is more reactive.