Fair Skin and Sunshine: 5 Common Complaints

Fair Skin and Sunshine 5 Common Complaints

Hope to return from holiday with a deep, golden glow? You try your best, but it's always the same old story - painful, peeling, lobster-red skin.And you can't cheat once back at work. Fake tans and bronzing powders just leave you looking Tangoed.

You're glued to your Factor 50, use tons every year and make sure you choose one suited to sensitive, fragile skin. You don't even think of stepping outside without your beloved sunscreen. And if you don't cover every square inch of skin, the sun will get you...To avoid painful burns or dangerous skin problems, avoid the sun between midday and 4pm, re-apply your sunscreen every two hours and remember to include a high SPF lip balm.

Fair and porcelain skins are the most sensitive: they easily redden (or burn) and tend to develop sun-induced pigment spots. Pigment problems such as melasma and lentigo are often caused by too much sun. So protection is paramount. Sun exposure can also cause red patches - yet another reason to slather on the SPF!

Your summer must-have isn't a mattifying powder or blusher. It's a top notch after-sun. Itchy, red, burning skin... only an after-sun can bring it back to its cool, calm self. Plus it helps to prevent the dreaded peel factor. Opt for a thick oil or butter-based after-sun to soothe and hydrate your sensitive skin.

Sun allergies, photo-toxic reactions... Fair skin gets hammered by sun-induced allergies and flare-ups. Our tip? Start to prep your skin with carotenoid supplements at least two weeks before you hit the beach. Forewarned is forearmed - unless you want to spend your hols watching your mates from a hotel room...