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Skin Care Facial aculift, the face lift without a scalpel in sight!

Facial aculift the face lift without a scalpel in sight

Facial aculifts are an anti-ageing treatment that uses acupuncture techniques on specific parts of the face. Placing acupuncture needles on certain facial muscles can have an immediate lifting effect! Stimulating these muscles can help combat sagging skin - and that's not all.  Facial aculifts can also:- improve skin tone by closing pores- boost our skin's microcirculation- increase our skin's ability to retain moisture- boost collagen production- reduce facial furrows- smoothe deep wrinkles- improve bags under the eyes.

Each session starts with a general check-up to rule out any health problems, determine the state of your skin and discuss lifestyle factors (diet, smoking, sun exposure...). Then, over the course of a couple of minutes, the acupuncturist will quickly place needles around your face, so as to stimulate all your muscles at pretty much the same time. These single-use needles are left for 20 minutes before being removed. To begin with, a dozen sessions are recommended, followed by two sessions a year to keep up the effect. It's painless and won't leave any scars.

If you're an acupuncture fan, then why not! Facial aculifts also have a preventive action - the more sessions you have, the better the results, as they reduce the appearance of wrinkles and combat sagging. Once we reach middle age, facial aculifts have more of a toning effect. They won't completely zap signs of ageing, but they certainly give us a firming boost!