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Skin Care Essential Oils, The Guardians Of The Cosmetic Universe

Essential oils (EO's) are powerful extracts derived from aromatic plants. The flowers, barks, leaves etc. of these plants contain volatile compounds, AKA essential oils that are extracted by steam distillation. Composed of tiny molecules, essential oils can cross our skin barrier and penetrate further than many skincare ingredients. Each oil has specific active molecules that perform precise functions once they enter our bodies. You just need to blend a few drops of an essential oil into your cream, mask or shampoo to treat, clean, soothe and boost your skin or hair. But be warned: they may be natural, but that doesn't mean their active ingredients are completely harmless. Their molecules are highly concentrated and can, if incorrectly applied, pose a health risk.

When age, stress and fatigue begin to leave their mark, blend 1 or 2 drops of carrot oil into a dollop of your face cream. You can also try rose oil for its skin-regenerating properties. As for dehydrated or dry skin, Roman chamomile is a soothing wonder, whilst geranium oil deeply hydrates. Blend 4 drops of each into your body lotion or night cream. As for oily skin, purifying and astringent lavender oil works a treat. If you need a spot-buster, invest in some tea tree oil - just mix 15 drops into your cream. And if you want to reduce scarring, apply immortelle, one of the few EO's that can be directly applied to skin. Finally, if you want to deal with orange peel skin, massage on some circulation and lymphatic-boosting grapefruit oil: blend 5 to 7 drops with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and kiss goodbye to unsightly cellulite.