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Skin Care Bluff your way to beautiful smooth skin using the blurring effect

The software Photoshop® has just celebrated its 25th birthday... Blurring products are kind of like the retouching software of our make-up bags and help us get smooth looking skin with a perfect complexion. They have the most intelligent texture on the market at the moment and descend from the 'soft-focus' skincare that made an appearance in the 90s. Their name comes from their ability to really blur your skin.

Half-way between skincare and make-up, what these products promise to do is just as impressive as the finish they give:
- tighten pores,
- erase any skin flaws
- minimise the appearance of imperfections,
- fill wrinkles and help improve your make-up's staying power.

Even though they are often translucent, you can also find some blurring products which have slightly pink or beige undertones to help restore radiance to dull looking complexions and even them out. Behind their smooth textures, they hide a formula enriched with silicon elastomers and polymers, as well as light-reflecting ingredients.

You can apply your 'blur' in the morning on top of your day cream. Alternatively, you can use it throughout the day for touch ups (even on top of your make-up). In both cases, the blurring product gets to work making small changes: on the sides of your nose, chin, around your mouth and smile lines, in your T-Zone and between your eyebrows on the infamous frown lines. A few drops of product applied using the tips of your fingers will be enough to photoshop your skin and make it appear velvety, bare and perfect.