Skin Care Black Skin: Kiss Goodbye To Acne

Black Skin Kiss Goodbye To Acne

Thanks to a higher melanin content, black skin is better protected from UV rays. Sunburn is less of an issue, however black skin absorbs more infrared than light skin and therefore lacks protection against heatstroke. The melanin in black skin spreads up into the uppermost layers of the skin. Result: every little pimple, irritation or scar intensifies in colour, causing the appearance of dark patches. Black skin is naturally less wrinkled but during winter it can lack moisture, making the skin dry and dull.

People with black skin (both young and old) often have visible acne along the scalp line, forehead and temples. This form of acne is partly caused by oils and waxes used in hair-styling products. Acne takes on different forms on black skin, and often appears as dark patches that may or may not be raised. These are often the result of localised inflammation because, when the skin is under attack, it produces more melanin.

Regularly cleanse your skin by applying gentle products every day, both morning and night. Use a soothing milk or oil, before moisturising with a lotion or mattifying gel. To get rid of spots and purify the skin it's wise to use a gentle scrub followed by a cleansing clay mask that will also unclog your pores.