Makeup BB, CC et DD creams: it's a minefield out there!

BB CC et DD creams its a minefield out there

BB or Blemish Balms have been around for several years and were the first to hit European shelves. An Asian invention, these anti-blemish creams are what kept Korean women looking so flawlessly perfect after they'd undergone cosmetic procedures. A moisturiser meets make up formula, BB creams hydrate, soothe and protect skin from the sun, whilst evening out skin tone. You can even find BB creams designed for bodies! In short, BB creams camouflage blemishes including red patches, liver spots, dull complexions and spots. They're the multi-taskers of the beauty world!Who should use them? Anyone who wants naturally flawless and glowing skin. Opt for a lighter colour if you want to even out skin tone or a darker one for a slight sun-kissed look.

CC or Colour Control creams are BB creams big sister. They have the same properties, but also target pigment problems - uneven tone, red patches - and can be used on all skin colours, thanks to the pigments released as soon as they are applied. They're basically colour correctors: a repairing, brightening treatment in a tube. Apply a mauve tone to sallow complexions, yellow to dark circles, green to red patches and orange for an instant glow.Who should use them? Anyone who suffers from blotchy skin or tends to get red patches on their cheeks.

DD or Daily Defense creams are relatively new to the scene. They're a hybrid of their predecessors, with the exception that they're designed to protect the epidermis - heavy duty bodyguards so to speak. DD creams are more fluid in texture, have a higher SPF and active ingredients designed to reinforce our skin's natural barrier.Who should use them? Anyone who wants to protect their skin from the sun on a daily basis all year round and those of you who live or work in polluted environments.

EE or Energy Enhancer creams contain all the benefits of the above but target skin's elasticity. They also contain anti-ageing active ingredients to boost our youthful glow. They help our skin to look younger by combating lines and wrinkles.Who should use them? Anyone pressed for time and wants an anti-ageing product that also works as a foundation.