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Skin Care 5 Misconceptions About Scrubs

True: Scrubbing once a week is the norm. But there are still some Golden Rules! If your skin is dry or easily irritated, limit scrubs to once every couple of weeks. Remember that dry skin still needs a scrub in order to remove dead skin cells. But go lightly - gentle gestures with a gentle formula. If, however, your skin is combination or oily, then you can give it a scrub twice a week.

False: If it hurts, it means you need to change the formula or scrub less often. Scrubbing our faces and bodies is not supposed to be an endurance test! Your skin shouldn't redden or feel tight/irritated. And don't forget to apply a moisturiser once you're done.

True: Face-wise go for a fine, gentle grain that's preferably hypoallergenic, as facial skin is sensitive and thinner than body skin. Ditto for your neck and cleavage. As body skin is thicker, apply a coarser scrub, particularly on rough areas such as your hands or feet. Likewise for your heels and elbows!

True: Scrubbing not only removes dead cells that suffocate our skin but also boosts cell renewal. By leaving our skin squeaky clean, it can easily soak up the active ingredients in our skincare treatments. Plus scrubbing reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs after hair removal treatments, leaving you with perfect skin!