Skin Care 10 Post Party Beauty Tips

Crawl out of bed when you're ready: don't set the alarm, but at the same time try not to spend the entire day buried under the covers! Take a steaming hot shower to kick-start your circulation and finish with a blast of cool water for its body-boosting benefits. Okay, it may feel horrible but it's really the best way to wake up both body and soul! Wash with a soothing shower gel that will keep your skin moisturised all day long. And use your time under the shower to pamper yourself with a detoxifying face mask.

When we've only had a few (or no) hours kip, it immediately shows on our faces - sallow skin, haggard lines and features... So first and foremost, drink as much as you can throughout the day. No booze! Opt for water, tea, fruit/herbal teas. Hydrate your skin by applying a good moisturizer packed with nourishing, antioxidant active ingredients.

Bags and dark circles give the game away, so time to pamper your eye contour. Start by decongesting this zone: put two teaspoons in the fridge for 15 minutes and then place them on your eyes for a few seconds. Your bags will be banished in a flash! Follow by attacking your dark circles. Apply an eye contour cream designed to boost your circulation (rich in caffeine or gingko biloba) and finish off with a concealer that's half a tone lighter than your skin.

Start by brushing your hair upside down. It'll air your roots, get rid of smells (stinky cigarettes) and add volume to your hair. Don't worry about fancy hair-do's as a post-party scalp is often too sensitive. Apply a couple of drops of hair oil and let your locks recover.

Paracetamol and vitamin C are great hangover-busters. You can also start your day with freshly squeezed lemon juice for a refreshing detox. Its draining and fat-burning vitamin C content will revive your body. Don't skip breakfast if you want to cleanse your liver. The effect will be quite the opposite as your body, being suddenly starved of nutrients, will stock rather than use up its reserves.

Eating is one of the best ways to get rid of post-party nausea. But don't grab anything within reach! Start the day with a turbo-charged bowl containing the juice of half a lemon, two teaspoons of linseed oil, two sunflower seeds, two oats, six almonds or hazelnuts, blueberries and raspberries (frozen ones are fine). A healthy, energy-boosting blend of vegetable proteins and antioxidants.

Afternoon naps area sure-fire way to help your body recuperate. Our bodies need to recover from late nights and indigestion-inducing dinners. So don't beat yourself up! Just enjoy flopping on your bed and snoozing for an hour or so.

Raging hangovers and days glued to the sofa often go hand in hand. Yet it's really not the best solution! A brisk walk or bike ride will oxygenate your body, boost your blood flow and sweat out toxins.

You may be tempted to keep the party going... Trust us, your best bet is to let your body take a breather before you crack open the next bottle of champagne. A decent night's sleep and eating a healthy diet for a day will do you the world of good. Your liver and thumping head will be eternally grateful!