Hydrafresh Aqua Cream - Hydra Fresh

Hydrafresh Aqua Cream

A unique crème to water formula that will leave your skin supple and hydrated

Hydrafresh Aqua Cream

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  • Product Benefits
  • With a formula that magically melts on contact with the skin, this 'crème-to-water' aqua cream will lock in upto 4X the moisture in your skin leaving it feeling soft, fresh and glowing

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • Pure Mineral SPA Water is extremely rich in essential minerals that help skin maintain hydration levels. Unique Aqua Lock in Captors will leave your skin feeling four times more moisturised! Apply daily on your face and neck on a perfectly cleansed skin.



Hydrafresh Foaming Cream
Hydrafresh Creamy Foam
Hydrafresh Toner
Hydrafresh Toner
Hydrafresh Foaming Gel
Hydrafresh Facial foam Gel
Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence
Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence

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